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We are height safety & fall prevention specialists based in Hamilton New Zealand

We design and install customised roof safety systems

Height Safety Services

Height Safety Analysis - Roof demarkation lines

Site Safety Analysis

One of our trained technicians will visit your site to ensure its compliance to NZ standards.

Site Safety Analysis
Horizontal Height Safety Systems Installations

Safety System Installation

All height safety system installations and associated signage are standards approved.

Safety System Installation
Height Safety Recertification-Test-Tag

Existing System Recertification

Legislation requires all anchor points to be regularly inspected and recertified.

Safety System Recertification
Personal Protective Equipment PPE Inspections

Equipment (PPE) Inspections

We offer a formal inspection service of all Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

PPE Inspection
Purpose designed mobile working platforms for Height Safety

Mobile Work Platforms

Purpose designed working platforms that are ideal for working safely at height.

Mobile Work Platforms
Ladders with Height Safety Systems

Other Services

Our Skilled and Trained technicians can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Other Services

Height Safety Systems Installation & Certification

Providing Height Safety Solutions - Fall Arrest Systems Design & Installation

  • Roof Anchor Points & Static Lines
  • Ladders & Rails
  • Mobile Platforms for Working at Height
  • Roof Step Bridges & Stairs

Installation & Certification

Height Safety System Inspection & Re-certification

Re-certifying existing Fall Arrest equipment as required by current standards

  • Fall Arrest equipment
  • PPE - Personal Protection Equipment
  • Man Cages
  • Ladders and Platforms

Inspection & Re-certification

Falls from height are constantly the most common source of workplace injury in New Zealand.
We ensure our clients are not part of these shocking statistics.

ACC Statistics for Fall Related Injuries

Injuries from falls costs ACC over a billion New Zealand Dollars each year.

Source: ACC Statistics
Year New claims Active claims Total cost
2021 760,457 883,996 $1,596,380,710
2020 754,499 863,264 $1,468,756,774
2019 808,305 911,120 $1,365,577,107
2018 796,132 885,322 $1,241,098,191
2017 775,491 859,855 $1,107,814,275
2016 807,956 889,143 $1,065,187,065
2015 826,315 898,430 $1,006,893,769

Vertical Height Safety & Fall Prevention

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