Mobile Working Platforms

Custom Designed Mobile Platforms for Working at Heights

Custom Designed Tanker Access Platform

This Tanker Access Platform was designed by Height Services NZ to allow personnel to safely access the top of a tanker.

Having a set of stairs at 45 degrees, allows users to carry equipment or tools to perform the tasks required. This is not possible with a ladder access system, which does not comply with the "3 Points of contact" rule.

It also enables users to ascend and descend facing forward, unlike climbing down a ladder.

The upper platform is lowered onto the tanker, allowing for a variable height for multiple vehicle/tanker heights.

The unit itself is made from lightweight aluminium, with stainless steel fittings, for supreme corrosion resistance.

Different heights can be manufactured with the addition/subtraction of steps from the base unit.

Watch this video to view our custom designed mobile tanker platform in use.

"3 Points of contact" rule

2 hands & 1 foot, or 2 feet & 1 hand while climbing
2 feet & 1 hand when working.

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